Understand what each acronym means in the electric motor

To understand the operation of the electric motor of a model aircraft, it is necessary to understand some parameters.

The no-load current is a minimum current that is consumed by the electric motor and that means that by making the electric motor spin without having a propeller, the electric motor will consume this.

The maximum current supported by the electric motor occurs when the electric motor rab lighting does not burn and still can operate for a long period. This time is the limit of operation of the electric motor and if that same electric motor stays too high for an excess period, the tendency is for the electric motor to become very hot and burn.

The operating voltage of the electric motor comes written with this reference to LIPO from 2S to 4S, for example. For the electric motor to have a long life it is essential to follow the specification of the operating voltage. The electric motor will burn if its voltage is higher and if it is smaller, the electric motor may not work properly.

Learn how the electric motor should be stored

If the electric motor is not decompressed immediately, the electric motor housing should be located where it is free from vapors, moisture, rapid heat exchange, rodents and insects.

The electric motor should still be stored in places where the electric motor does not suffer from vibrations, as this will not damage the electric motor bearings. If the electric motor has heating elements, they must be switched on. If the electric motor exhibits paint-related problems or rust protection of the machined parts, they should be replaced immediately.

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If the storage of the electric motor exceeds two months, the brushes of the electric motor should be lifted so that the switch of the electric motor does not suffer from oxidation. Before starting the electric motor, it is essential that the brushes are replaced in the housings.

The storage process performed as described above is important as it will help the electric motor to have a longer life even though it has been put to operate for some time after being stored.

Back cover on electric motor is leaked

The rear cover on the electric motor is leaked, as this is used for air to circulate throughout the electric motor

The covers are accessories that serve to realize the protection of the electric motor before the external environment and sometimes serve to realize the coupling. The covers of the front of the electric motor can be flanged according to the norms that must be defined previously and depending on the case the cover will be useful even to support the weight of the electric motor.

The back cover on the electric motor is leaked as this is used to circulate air throughout the electric motor. When the electric motor is shielded, the cover will be completely closed and this will only allow it to pass the shaft that will cause the fan to rotate.

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The electric motor baffle covers allow the air to pass to the fan and be guided in a way that flows best over the fins of the casing.

Both the back and front cover are always made of the same material as the casing, but the baffle is usually made of aluminum, unless the electric motor is applied in environments with high mechanical stress.